BFX is a B2B currency exchange and money transform platform that lets you make fast and cost-effective business payments in, out, and around Africa.

What can I do with BFX?

Pay suppliers and service providers across the world

Do you buy your stock or spare parts from Europe? Do you pay service providers across the world? Settle your invoices wherever you are and keep your international partners happy.

Inter-company transfers across countries

Is your business expanding to new countries? Are you covering operational costs for a sister company across borders? Do it efficiently with BFX.

Exchange large amounts of foreign currency

Do you provide financial and investment services to customers? Service the demand with our deep liquidity and fast settlement times.

Who uses BFX?

CEOs and CFOs

BFX helps executives at both startup and corporate level manage their operational payments across business partners and entities.

Finance managers

Finance managers are able to manage their float and move money across countries efficiently to pay for invoices with BFX. 

Sales managers

BFX lets sales managers focus on keeping their customers happy while gaining more when their sales depend on making reliable and quick payment to suppliers abroad. 

How can I contact the BFX team?

You can chat with your account manager right on the platform by accessing the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. You can also write to [email protected] if you have any transaction issues or [email protected] for general inquiries. 

We are available from 9am  –  5.30pm every weekday, except on public holidays in respective countries.

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